For work I use a 2021 16” MacBook Pro (M1 Max CPU, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) with a wireless Apple keyboard and mouse. The updated keyboard on the MacBook is so much better. I didn’t care for the Touch Bar and am glad it is gone. I dock the MacBook to my Apple 27” Thunderbolt Display. Been thinking about getting a mechanical keyboard like the Keychron K2 but can’t decide on the switch type.

I have 2 Gbps Google Fiber internet access at home. I’ve noticed that many web servers are throttled at 100 Mbps.

Finally upgraded to a Google Pixel 6a from an iPhone 6s Plus. I miss the headphones jack and am disappointed that smart phones moved away from it.


For Java work I use the JetBrains Intellij integrated development environment (IDE). I’ve used several and this is my favorite. For dynamic programming languages and general text editing I use TextMate. For image and photo editing I use Pixelmator.

An audiophile friend of mine tuned me in to Spotify for music. I haven’t looked back.