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How to Check for Empty String in Java

Not suprisingly most programming languages handle this check the same way. You have to check for null first to avoid a NullPointerException.

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Creating an Application with Spring Boot

Spring Boot

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Declaring Constants in Java

Java has the worst syntax for declaring a constant that I’ve ever seen. Here it is so I can remember it. At least in the Java programming culture we have the sense to declare the names in ALL_CAPS.

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Install Java on macOS


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Multiplicty in macOS

Besides Multiplicity being a great film, you can launch multiple instances of any application in macOS. Open the Terminal app and run the following (replacing Safari.app with any app of your choosing). I do this often for the Eclipse IDE or the Spring Tool Suite.

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Reset DNS Cache

It seems I do this a few times a month and I always have to look it up. Leaving myself a note for later.

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Hello World

puts 'Hello World'

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